PhotoFriday Theme "Wilderness"

A Couple From This Weekend

I haven't drawn anything in a long long time.. maybe I'll draw something tonight.

They keep tearing down my favorite places.

This place, long standing abandoned and neglected, was widely thought to be a water treatment plant. It's the latest victim of the city's efforts to remove everything fun and unique.

Up Close and Personal

Borrowing a macro lens for the weekend. I'm going to play around with it, I hope I get some keepers before I have to give it back.

My Boots

Around My Studio

My Fuel.

Around My Studio

My Work Gloves.

Jim Jarmusch, Film Writer and Director

I found this months ago and I've read it over and over again. It's an interesting perspective and one that I think is at least worth considering.

These are natural teeth that have just been prepped for crowns.

I just figured that most people don't get to see this stage of things. After surgery the patient was fitted with temporary crowns fabricated by the dental assistant. In just a few days they will have beautiful new teeth.

Photo Friday Submission: "Shade"

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Gas Meters

I'm going to re-visit these soon. I'm attracted to the weathered surfaces, the blue/green paint, and the way they're arranged… I think they're interesting.


This used to belong to a deer. My friends found it in the woods and thought it may be fun to photograph.

My Blog's Activity This Week

I'm really excited to see that people are looking at my page but I've received zero comments. I'd love to hear from you. Who are you? What do you think? Send me a link to your site, or your favorite blog.

My Dogs

I didn't start this with the intention of filling it with pictures of my dogs, but I decided that there was no harm in sharing a few. Meet Ringo and Aya, my Siberian Huskies. We got Aya when she was 2. She was basically rescued from Craigslist. She was severely neglected and out of control. All she needed was some love and a little exercise. She rapidly transformed into the sweetheart she is today. She turned 7 this year. We found Ringo at the County Shelter when he was still very young. When we brought him home, he was just 4 months old. Although he turned 5 this year, he still acts like he is 4 months.

Another case that turned out pretty well.

The patient was thrilled and it made my day. I hear about cases going well, but don't always get to be in the room with the patient when they get their new tooth. The crown is the left, front tooth.

My Job

For my living, I make teeth. It's a rare occurrence that I get an "after" photo and this is one that I'm particularly proud of. Please note, pretty, white teeth are much easier to make than old, worn, and discolored teeth. The Left, Front tooth is the crown.

Photo Friday Submission, "People"

I joined today.

I'm trying to do something... Not exactly sure what yet. I must be looking for attention, or acceptance... Whatever it is, I feel like I'm making an honest effort to do SOMETHING, and that feels good.

Photofriday Theme "Sundown"

Starting today I will be posting photos to be linked to a website called "" They hold a weekly photo "challenge" where readers post photos based on the designated theme for that week. Submissions are linked to each participants personal webpage or blog. It looks interesting to me, check it out.

A perfect case evaluation. I'll take it.