A couple new ones.

Railroad Yard Revisited

4.5 X 5 (Alix) SOLD!

4.5 X 5 (Alix) SOLD!

6 X 8 4 pieces (Alix)

SOLD!! 6 X 8 2 pieces (Alix)

24 X 24 (Alix)

20 X 30 (Alix)

17 X 17 (Alix)

12 X 12 (Alix)

18 X 18 (Alix)

SOLD! 25 X 9.5 2 pieces (Alix)

12.5 X 24 (Alix)

Saturday May 22. Mark your calendars!

I didn't submit work this time, but please go out and support Junctionview Studios and all the awesome work they do for our local art scene. This is always a super fun event featuring a ton of great work by local artists. Get all the details at http://www.agoracolumbus.com/ !


Fort Hayes

Is it too early for this?

I had every intention of exploring this place this summer. The city decided to tear it down a month or so ago. Figures. It's been sitting there rotting for 50 years and as soon as I discover it... POOF gone.

Korean War Memorial.