Something New.

A photographer friend and I have been talking about colaborating on something.. Instead of photo paper, he would expose his photos onto my paintings. This got me thinking about what that may look like so I started playing around on photoshop. The images are a mash-up of my paintings and my photos. It's funny that I'm doing this because lately I haven't been painting or taking pictures. More to come.

Rock House - Hocking Hills, Logan, Ohio

I took a few pictures with my phone that day and this is one of my favorites.

Hocking Hills. Logan, Ohio 8.27.2011

Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield Ohio

Photo Friday Submission: "Spot"

The "Spot" in this photo is a helicopter hovering just over lower Manhattan.

Photo Friday Submission: "Enormous"

Located in Dublin Ohio among Office buildings and expensive houses, this was a "study field" where Sam Frantz experimented with hybrid corn seeds.The land was donated upon his retirement and in 1994 Malcolm Cochran planted his 6' concrete corn.

Carpenter's Mill, Ohio

This structure is known as Bieber's Mill. It was built in the mid-nineteenth century by Peter Bieber, a local hero of industry, employing much of the surrounding population. Among the interesting facts that I read about him was a tidbit stating that he was so important and well liked, the local newspaper would report when he had a cold and when he was starting to feel better. It seems his health was very important to the town he supported.

This was another cool place I found on It's probably one of the biggest and oldest structures standing around here. I can't wait to visit again in the fall when some of the overgrown weeds are gone. I couldn't get far away enough from it to get a decent photo. Awesome, and right up the street. Who knew?


Meet Simon

My first paid photography gig.

Arch Park, Columbus Ohio

I never cease to be amazed at what the iPhone camera is capable of.

It has been too long since I've posted anything.

I'm working on something good. Check back shortly. Please.

Dillon State Park Nashport, Ohio

Driving and Wandering

You can see these smoke stacks from 20 miles away. Location: Nowhere, Ohio

Newark Earthworks

The history of this site is interesting. Walking around there, is not.

Photo Friday Submission: "Seashore"

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Photo Friday Submission: "Gloom"

The State of Ohio Asylum for the Insane Cemetery. Unfortunately, it wasn't as awesome as it soundds.