I had every intention of exploring this place this summer. The city decided to tear it down a month or so ago. Figures. It's been sitting there rotting for 50 years and as soon as I discover it... POOF gone.

Korean War Memorial.

Inspiration. She had to be 80+ years old and could barely stand up straight. Pretty Incredible. National Gallery of Art, DC

Some giant machine used on the railroad. I found it while trespassing in a railroad storage yard downtown last fall.

Spring is here. Time to blow the dust off my camera and get the bike out of the basement.

Emailing updates from my phone. Just trying things out.
I'm very interested in getting into encaustic... Tips, resources, anything you've got, let me know... this is my next big adventure and I'm so excited to get started.
I plan on using this as a means of getting my work out there a little more. I've been painting my ass off for 6 years and have sold 300+ pieces, but with no website, no Facebook, no representation, and only participating in local group shows, I feel like I'd do well to make myself more visible. 

I miss the art school community. I miss being surrounded by like minded, creative individuals. I'm reaching out... Look at my work, consider it, let me know what you think.